What Information Search and Rescue Needs To Help Find You:

Prior to any trip, take the time to WRITE DOWN a comprehensive PLAN to include the following:

  • Destination and route with map of planned trails.

  • Type of activities planned.

  • Departure time and date.

  • Expected return time and date.

  • Vehicle description, plate number and planned parking location.

  • Names and ages of all people in group

  • Personal description.

  • Personal physical fitness levels and capabilities

  • Any medical or physical disorders; medications.

  • What navigational equipment you have such as maps, compass, and gps. Inlcude your capabilities of using the equipment.

  • Camping gear and equipment you have with you.

  • Supplies you have with you, including the amount food and water supply.

  • Clothing you have with you, including type and color.

  • Type of foot gear, include size and photo of tread pattern.

  • In-Case-Of-Emergency considerations

  • Cell phone numbers of you and anyone else with you

How To Plan for a Trip or a Day Hike

What to Do With This Plan?

Leave this plan with a responsible and reliable person who can notify the 911 in a timely manner, in case of a suspected emergency.

Remember that the person who has this plan may very well have your life in their hands.